WE love this picture from Warrington Baths in the 1950s.

It shows members of the Warrington Constabulary at the time enjoying the facilities at the Legh Street venue.

Over the past few weeks in Yester Years, many of you have been sending your memories of the baths.

First built privately in 1866, they were bought by Warrington Borough Council for £1,100 in 1973.

At the time, just one pool was open. The mixed bathing pool was built in 1897 and two more pools in 1912.

During the 1920s, the baths played host to Great Britain Olympic water polo qualifying matches.

And among the famous swimmers to have stepped into the water are Tarzan star Jonny Weismuller and former Olympic champion Adrian Moorhouse.

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Water filtration and sterilisation meanwhile were only added in 1935.

Prior to that, the water would become dirtier towards the end of the week.

And the prices were reduced to attract custom.