AS you will already know by now, it was an eventful General Election results night in Warrington.

Warrington South Labour MP Faisal Rashid lost his seat after two years to Conservative candidate Andy Carter.

And over in Warrington North, Labour held their seat once again but only just.  

Conservative Wendy Maisey cut the Labour majority from more than 9,500 to under 2,000. 

But how do the results compare to previous years?

Warrington North 2019

Brexit Party Elizabeth Babade 2,626

Liberal Democrats David Crowther 3,071

Conservative Wendy Maisey 19,102

Green Lyndsay McAteer 1,257

Labour Charlotte Nichols 20,611


Registered voters:72,235


Change since 2017:-2.9

Warrington South 2019

Brexit Party Clare Aspinall 1,635

Liberal Democrat Ryan Bate 5,732

Conservatives Andy Carter 28,187

SDP Kevin Hickson 168

Labour Faisal Rashid 26,177


Registered voters:86,015


Change since 2017:-0.4

Warrington North 2017

Val Allen The Conservative Party  17774

James Ashington UK Independence Party 1561

Helen Jones Labour Party 27356

Stefan Krizanac Liberal Democrats 1207

Lyndsay McAteer Green Party 619

Turnout: 68%

Warrington South 2017

Bob Barr Liberal Democrats 3339

John Boulton Independent 1217

David Mowat The Conservative Party 27445

Faisal Rashid Labour Party 29994

Turnout: 73%

Warrington North 2015

Sarah Hayes Green 1264

Helen Jones Labour 21720

Stefan Krizanac Liberal Democrats 1881

Trevor Nicholls UKIP 7757

Richard Short Conservative 12797

Turnout 45,621 (63%)


Warrington South 2015

Bob Barr Liberal Democrats 3335

Kevin Bennett TUSC 238

Nick Bent Labour 23178

Stephanie Davies Green 1765

Mal Lingley UKIP 4909

David Mowat Conservative 25928

Turnout 59548 (70%)