AN application to allow a concrete mixing plant built without permission to remain standing is set to come before councillors.

The development management committee will make a decision on the retrospective plans for the facility at the Forward Works site in Woolston, on Bridge Lane, on Wednesday.

Mincrete Ltd’s proposals also comprise the development of an ancillary plant including storage bays, overhead conveyors, weighing bins.

It has been operating on the site since September 2017.

Similar applications have been submitted in the past but refused, as insufficient evidence to assess the impact of the development on Woolston Eyes – a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) – was provided.

Planning documents say there are four people employed in the business.

Officers said the impact of the development on the SSSI has been assessed and ‘any impacts can be mitigated against’.

But residents have objected on grounds including increased traffic seriously affecting the safety of people who walk the nearby pathways, wagons ruining the road surface and the ‘narrow’ Bridge Lane being dangerous, especially for people with dogs or children to walk down.

One resident also asked why a third application has been submitted following two refusals, along with asking why enforcement action requesting the removal of the structures has not been taken.

The committee is recommended to approve the application subject to conditions.