A CLIMATE change campaigner arrested during a protest against global warming will face no further action from police.

Extinction Rebellion Warrington coordinator Paul Sheeky was held by police during climate change protests in London in October.

He was one of hundreds of ‘northern rebels’ who formed camps blockading Millbank in Westminster.

Warrington Guardian:

Mr Sheeky addressing protesters in London

Now Extinction Rebellion Warrington says that Mr Sheeky will face no criminal charges after a blanket ban on protests brought in in the capital was ruled unlawful.

The Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed that more than 100 protestors have had charges against them dropped because of this.

Warrington Guardian:

Mr Sheeky said: “I’m relieved that charges won't be pressed.

“As I was acting to prevent the larger crimes against humanity that climate change represents I knew what I was doing was not wrong, but it's nice that the police recognise they acted unlawfully.

“I have the upmost respect for the police and would like to thank my arresting officer for his calm and respectful manner during my arrest.”