A TV and film star paid a visit to one of the many Christmas parties organised by the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust last week.

Aaron McCusker who played Jim Hutton, Freddie Mercury’s partner, in the Bohemian Rhapsody film and Jamie Maguire in Shameless gave a helping hand to Santa.

Hundreds of selection boxes have already been dropped off at Warrington Fire Station and to offices here at the Warrington Guardian.

These include kind donations from boys at Crosfields Junior Football Club and an Orford couple who donated more than 400 boxes following a sponsored lawn mow.

The charity, based just outside of Lymm, will provide a magical Christmas party experience this year for around 1,600 children from all over the north west.

These children have a range of personal challenges, including those with terminal illnesses, disabilities and social disadvantages which make it difficult for them to enjoy the festive season as all children should.

With the help of their supporters, the charity will provide 43 parties, including four parties each for 150 children, which have already started.

Each child will be given a bag full of gifts to take away with them, which includes a selection box, which is why the charity is appealing to Warrington Guardian readers for help.

Last year, the charity collected 3,895 boxes through their appeal, with 736 coming from generous donors in Warrington – and this year they would like to collect even more.

Boxes will be given to others who are not able to attend a party so the Christmas joy will be spread throughout the region to a number of schools, community groups and other charities.