LIVEWIRE has launched a range of artisan coffee for library users to enjoy.

It teamed up with Amber Coffee, a north west-based artisan micro coffee roaster, to create an ethically-sourced library blend of coffee.

Amber Coffee created four new blends, which were tested by a panel of LiveWire and Culture Warrington staff.

The winning creation has been named Brazilian Book Blend to reflect its literary roots.

Wendy Molyneux, strategic library manager for LiveWire said: "Peaches and cream, salt and pepper, bacon and eggs, coffee and books – some things are meant to be together!

"You only have to look at how successful coffee shops are in places like bookstores.

"We saw that libraries in Kansas in the US have successfully been selling a special library blend and because LiveWire is always seeking out new, exciting and innovative experiences to share with our customers we thought we would give it a try.

"The feedback so far from customers has been really positive.

"One borrower has even bought a packet to send to America – which is a real stamp of approval!"

Brazilian Book Blend coffee is available to purchase for £3 for a small bag and £6 for a large bag at all standalone LiveWire libraries.

You can also buy it by the cup for £1 to enjoy while reading or browsing.