A COUPLE of weeks ago in Yester Years we asked for your help identifying any of the men from this picture in the 1930s.

The image is from the 1936 Bewsey Inn Picnic, the inn being based on Pick Street in Bewsey.

Tom Farrell sent us this picture of his grandfather Thomas Kelly who is pictured far right on the front row.

And he wanted help in identifying the rest. And you helped with plenty.

Gail Hatton pointed out her great grandfather Ernest Oxley, third from right on the bottom holiday his cap.

While Linda Priddin dropped us a line. Her aunt Maud Healey, who will be in 95 in January, spotted dad Fred Bennett, middle row, fifth from right.

She can also remember back row, second left, Savage; fourth left, saluting, Wagstaff; next to him Jack Hinchcliffe; fourth from right, Walter Royce; middle row, second left, Keegan; Fred Bennett; Cox; far right, Bennett; Front row, left, Earnest Norton; third left Jim Lomax and right, Tom Kelly.