THROUGHOUT this year we will be dipping into the wedding albums of Warrington couples who have tied the knot and finding out more about the happiest day of their life.

NAMES: Hollie Gill and Thomas Griffiths

AGES: 31 and 32

LIVES: Great Sankey

Where did you meet?

We met at St Gregory’s school when I was 14 and Tom was 15

What did you think when you first met?

I used to go out of my way every morning to get a different bus to school just to see him on the bus.

He wasn’t aware at that point but we got talking/texting and then hung around the same area together.

The proposal:

Tom proposed on Christmas Day 2017. For years everyone had been asking him when he was going to propose as we had been together for so long and he always seemed to put it off because of pressure.

On Christmas morning our girls had opened their presents and then Tom took the girls upstairs to get mine.

I heard our eldest daughter Ava-Rose running down the stairs and as she entered the front room she shouted “Mummy…Daddy wants to marry you”.

Obviously I was confused and then Tom appeared and opened a ring box, Ava-Rose and Bella-Eve were wearing a personalised T-shirt, Moana was playing on the TV and he asked me to marry him wearing his Peppa Pig pyjamas!

I was overwhelmed and didn’t expect it at all. Obviously I said yes.

Warrington Guardian:

The wedding:

We got married on June 7 at St Joseph’s Church in Penketh and then the reception at The Hayloft.

Although the lead up to the wedding was very stressful, we just wanted it to be relaxed and for everybody to have a good time and it was everything we had wished for.

Even the rain didn’t spoil it!

We had 100 day guests and we actually lost count of evening guests.

They had tomato soup and bread rolls, chicken roast dinner and cupcakes.

What are your favourite memories of the day?

Having those around us who we love share our special day and our daughters being an important role as flower girls.

Our eldest daughter Ava-Rose read a poem during the service and our youngest daughter Bella-Eve kept everyone entertained with her funny face pulling for photographs and loved the attention.

Our day was perfect and we would love to do it all over again. Everyone who was involved made it what it was.

The honeymoon:

We went on a 'family moon' to Lanzarote a few days after the wedding for 10 nights.

Warrington Guardian:

Our relationship:

We have been together since I was 14 and Tom was 15, we are both quite laid back and share the same interests.

After being together for so long we actually even say the same thing at the same time or send texts relating to the same thing without knowing.

We moved into our first house together when I was 21 and Tom was 22 and we are still there now after 10 years.

Getting married seemed to be the last thing to do to complete us as a family.

Professional pictures from photographer Adam Joe Roberts

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