A WARRINGTON car retailer has announced 12 months’ free electricity to anyone who buys a plug-in hybrid Volvo in the next six months.

Rybrook Warrington, on Winwick Road, wants to reward drivers of plug-in cars for committing to reducing carbon emissions on a local and global scale by paying for the electricity used to charge their car for a whole year.

The ‘Take Charge’ initiative has been launched by the Warrington Volvo retailer in order to maximise the potential fuel and emissions saved through this innovative hybrid technology.

The offer is available on the entire Volvo range to both private individuals and company car drivers.

The initiative aims to help people take small steps towards reducing tailpipe emissions by keeping their car’s hybrid battery charged so it will be the company car driver, and not their employer, who receives the reimbursement for electricity used throughout the year.

The offer is automatically available to any customer purchasing a new Volvo plug-in hybrid from now until 30 June 2020.

The electricity costs for charging the car will be calculated via the Volvo On Call app from May 2020, and repaid to the owner at the end of the 12-month period, based on the average cost of electricity in the UK.

Andy Amery, sales manager at Rybrook Warrington, said: “Care for the environment is a huge priority for us, which is why we’re committing to give all plug-in hybrid customers free electricity for an entire year.

“Increasing the number of plug-in hybrid cars on the road is beneficial not only to the environment on a global level, but also on a local level, because reduced tailpipe emissions will reduce air pollution throughout Warrington.

“We’re eager to help local people interested in buying a new car to understand just how easy the transition is to a plug-in hybrid model, and we’re confident this initiative will be a great way of helping people examine this option.”

For full terms and conditions of the free electricity offer, please visit volvocars.co.uk/takecharge, call 635552 or email aamery@rybrookvolvo.co.uk