WITH such inspiring nominations for Child of the Year at the Warrington Guardian's Inspiration Awards on Thursday, judges found it impossible to pick just one winner.

And one of our winners is a truly remarkable young man.

A difficult start to family life left him with mental health difficulties including ADHD and autism.

After being told in front of his whole school in assembly that he would 'never amount to anything' and that he was just 'a naughty boy', many children would have given up.

But Marcus Wilton decided to make it his mission to increase autism awareness and spread the message that ‘being different is good’.

Marcus is a member of Warrington Youth Club (WYC) and speaks in schools and to professionals in support of the ADHD Foundation.

With his grandmother’s unwavering support he has since managed to deliver speeches at events across the country, becoming the youngest person to address an audience at the National Paediatric Conference in London.

The 12-year-old from Chapelford is now the ADHD Foundation’s Young Ambassador and recently beat thousands of children to win Genius Within’s Achiever of the Year award.

A real super hero for those living with ADHD and autism, Marcus said: "I can't believe I won, it feels amazing.

"Usually my grandma knows if I have won but even she didn't know so it is a big surprise!"