A DRINK driver went on an eight-hour booze binge before crashing his Mercedes into the front garden of a house.

Ardzis Cicis caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage after smashing the car through a wall at the property in Bewsey, having got behind the wheel despite not having a licence.

On Tuesday, November 12, the 21-year-old was told to carry out unpaid work at Warrington Magistrates Court.

The court had previously heard that one witness was driving along Lovely Lane at around 12.30am on Friday, May 4 2018, when he spotted a silver Mercedes in his rear view mirror.

He believed that the car was ‘travelling so fast that it was going to go straight into the back of him’, before overtaking on the wrong side of the road.

Around 50 metres away on Folly Lane, the vehicle collided with metal railing before crashing through the wall of a front garden.

Cicis, of Fox Street in Whitecross, got out of the driver’s seat and a female emerged from the passenger’s side.

The pair then ran off into Folly Farm Close before reappearing with their arms linked and walking away in the direction of Warrington Hospital.

Police attended the scene and located the couple nearby on Allcard Street, with the defendant smelling strongly of alcohol.

He refused a breathalyser test, but was later found to be nearly twice the drink drive limit after being taken into custody.

Officers also discovered that the Latvian national – who was assisted in court by an interpreter – did not have a licence or insurance, having bought the car three days earlier.

The court heard that the homeowner was about to go to bed at the time of the crash before hearing a ‘loud crunching noise’ outside, and ran upstairs screaming.

Around £800 of damage was caused to the wall and front gate of the address.

Under interview, Cicis told police that he had began drinking at a friend’s house at around 4pm and downed half a bottle of Jack Daniels before leaving.

While his wife had a driving licence and had not been drinking, he ‘insisted’ that he drive them home.

Cicis – who has no previous convictions – could not remember the crash, and added that he had been ‘crazy and an idiot’.

He admitted failing to stop after an accident, drink driving, driving without a licence, driving without insurance and failing to surrender to bail during an earlier hearing.

Magistrates sentenced him to 200 hours of unpaid work, banned him from driving for 18 months and ordered him to pay £500 in compensation last week.