SHOPPERS, patients and visitors at various locations around Warrington may have caught sight of flashmobs taking place this week to highlight the importance of standing up to bullies.

As part of Anti-Bullying Week, St Gregory's Catholic High School organised a range of events and workshops to promote positivity and friendliness.

Anti-Bullying Week is celebrated in schools across the country from November 11 to 15.

Each year, the school takes part in a community walk to spread the message against bullying and this year invited its partner primary schools to join in.

By walking through Great Sankey up to the red bridge across Cromwell Avenue; Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, St Barnabas CE Primary School, Callands Primary School, St Alban's Primary School, St Paul of the Cross, St Phillips Westbrook, St Vincent's Catholic Primary School and St Joseph's Catholic Primary School were all able to participate in the 'We are different, we are all equal' campaign walk.

As this coincided with Remembrance Day on November 11, the pupils all donned poppies and held up large flowers during a two minute silence on the bridge.

Wendy and Jodie Dolphin, teachers from St Gregory's who organised the walk, said: "We want to get the message into the community that 'change starts with us' and it made sense to invite our primary schools along on a big community walk.

"It was really specially to have everyone walking together and to stand on the bridge during the two-minute silence.

"We are encouraging people not to be a bystander and stand up for those who are bullied."

In addition to the community events and walk, the pupils organised three flashmobs at Warrington Hospital, Ikea and Golden Square Shopping Centre to draw people's attention to the importance of standing up for victims of bullying.

Choreographed by a year nine pupil, the dance portrays one young girl's struggle as her bullying goes unnoticed.

Fifteeen other high school and primary school pupils then join in the showcase of dance and drama.

Ed McGlinchey, head teacher at St Gregory's Catholic High School, added: "I'm really proud of the events that the school has organised.

"It has been our Mission Week at school with 'Stand up and Be Counted' as the theme.

"All of the students have been learning about how they can contribute to society across many platforms.

"I've had so many pupils knocking on my door with ideas around mental health and the environment.

"This has been a great week and is part of how we make students responsible and inspirational pupils."