IF you often wonder where all your holiday spends have gone early on in your break, a new survey may have the answer for you. 

Flight comparison site jetcost.co.uk looked into the cost of various breakfast items – including a large full English, traditional full English and vegetarian breakfast – in the UK’s 20 busiest airports.

And while London City was the most expensive coming in at £17.95 for a large full English breakfast, Manchester Airport was next on the list costing £13.99. 

Top 5 most expensive airports:

1. London City – £17.95

2. Bristol – £13.99

3. Manchester – £13.99

4. Newcastle – £13.29

5. London Luton – £12.75

The UK’s busiest airports with the cheapest large full English breakfasts were:

1. Aberdeen – £8.95

2. Glasgow – £9.55

3. Edinburgh – £9.55

4. London Heathrow – £9.55

5. Southampton – £9.95

The team also looked at the cost of a vegetarian breakfast at each of the airports, and the most expensive was once again London City (£14.95), with Newcastle costing £10.99, Bristol setting you back £10.49 and Leeds, Manchester and East Midlands all costing £9.99.

A spokesman for jetcost.co.uk said: “Airports seem to be in a world of their own when it comes to their prices, seeming to charge extortionate amounts to purchase anything there.

"Many people tend to have breakfast in the airport before they fly, but the cost certainly might make them think twice, particularly if you’re shelling out near to £20 at a time – and that’s per person.”