HUGE parts of Warrington could be under sea level in 30 years’ time according to new data.

Not-for-profit organisation Climate Central has published a new tool allowing residents to see if their streets could be underneath the current sea level by 2050.

And the interactive map shows that areas including the town centre, Orford, Latchford, Bewsey and Padgate will be at risk of being underwater in line with rising sea levels caused by climate change.

Warrington Guardian:

Flooding on Densham Avenue in Longford last week

Parts of Woolston, Penketh, Dallam, Howley and Sankey Bridges are also at risk, as area Callands, Paddington, Wilderspool, Lower Walton and Moore.

Watercourses including the Mersey, Manchester Ship Canal, Padgate Brook and Sankey Brook lie near to the areas in question.

Town centre/Wilderspool/Lower Walton

Warrington Guardian:

Southern parts of the town centre including Bank Quay and Centre Park are highlighted as being at risk of falling under sea level.

In Lower Walton, all the streets near to the Chester Road swing bridge are in the red – as are a number of streets off Chester Road, Wilderspool Causeway and Gainsborough Road.


Warrington Guardian:

Huge parts of Orford are highlighted in the study, including buildings such as Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub, Warrington and Vale Royal College and Beamont Collegiate Academy.

Bewsey/Dallam/Callands/Winwick Quay

Warrington Guardian:

Junction Nine Retail Park and the Winwick Quay industrial estate are at risk of flooding in years to come, according to the data.

The entirety of Dallam is highlighted in red, as are northern parts of Bewsey and the east of Callands.

Office space on Europa Boulevard could also be affected.


Warrington Guardian:

Padgate Lane and Manchester Road are among the streets under threat from rising sea levels.

Paddington Meadows and large parts of Woolston Eyes could also be lost as a result.


Warrington Guardian:

Riverside Retail Park could fall under sea level in 30 years’ time, as could large swathes of Latchford and Howley.

Victoria Park and Howley Park would also be at risk of being submerged, with Cardinal Newman Catholic High School and Warrington Rowing Club among the other buildings highlighted in red.

Penketh/Sankey Bridges

Warrington Guardian:

All streets off Old Liverpool Road in Sankey Bridges are marked as being at risk of falling below sea level by 2050, as is Gatewarth Industrial Estate.

In Penketh, the Fiddlers Ferry area and a large number of roads south of the A562 are in the red.


Warrington Guardian:

Further out of town, large parts of Moore would be under threat from rising sea levels under current predictions – including Moore Nature Reserve and Port Warrington.

A spokesman for Climate Central said: "Areas shaded red reflect places that are lower than the selected local sea-level or coastal flood projection according to the selected elevation dataset.

"Red areas must also meet hydrologic connectivity criteria.

"This refined bathtub approach makes mapping numerous scenarios fast and efficient and reproduces potential future sea-level threats well.

"However, when coastal floods are added, the bathtub approach becomes less accurate the higher the flood.

Warrington Guardian:

Firefighters tackling flooding on Hawleys Lane in Dallam last week

"Maps take neither engineered coastal defences nor long-term dynamic changes into account.

"Due to the error always present in wide-area elevation datasets, as well as the other limitations described here, this map should be regarded as a screening tool to identify places that may require deeper investigation of risk."

To view the interactive map, click here.