WHEN a family in Orford adopted a tortoise they didn't expect him to take such a shine to Max the dog.

Hugo, a four-year-old sulcata tortoise, was welcomed into the family home and has since sparked up an unusual friendship with the family's pet dog.

Warrington Guardian:

Owner, Michaela Majorosova, said: "Our dog is a protective dog.

"He is lovely with people who know him but he doesn't like new people, so I've been worried about a tortoise with him.

"We adopted two Horsefield tortoises for our kids and he was fine with them and after a month or so we adopted this bigger sulcata tortoise, Hugo.

Warrington Guardian:

"Hugo loves Max's comfy bed and Max loves Hugo's heated house and I know it's an unusual friendship but I am really happy they became friends."

The inseparable pair have free roam of the house and garden and love to share everything together.