WARRINGTON Borough Council’s cabinet will be holding its meeting away from the Town Hall next week to help bust the ‘myth’ that it operates ‘behind closed doors’.

The cabinet – which is the leading group of councillors who make key decisions for the council – will meet at St Elphin’s Primary School, on Farrell Street, at 6pm on Monday.

Council Leader Cllr Russ Bowden said he wants the people of Warrington to ‘understand’ how decisions are made.

He added: “We often talk about our budget, investments and the choices we have to make, but not many people see what happens in these formal meetings, like cabinet.

“That’s why I wanted to take the cabinet outside of the Town Hall, into the community, to give people the best chance of attending a meeting and seeing what really happens.

“Some people have said to me that we operate behind closed doors, we aren’t accessible, and I want to help bust that myth.

“One of the ways I can do that is by taking the cabinet ‘on tour’.

“Of course, there are some things of a commercial or legal nature that we can’t disclose to the public – which is the same for all councils – but I want to give our residents the best chance of finding out what the processes are really like for our decision-making bodies.”