GRIM pictures of a house in Warrington have been released to highlight the damage caused by problem tenants.

The four-bedroom home is coated in grime and mould and littered with waste.

The property had been home to a mum and her two teenage sons but was left to decay.

The kitchen was littered with half-eaten food containers, pet food and medication, while the bathroom was encrusted with filth.

Many of the fixtures and fittings, including the carpets, have been damaged beyond repair.

Landlord David Wright has spent £2,000 on clearing the property of rubbish and waste, and faces a bill of thousands more to repair the damage.

He has also been left with rent arrears of around £29,000 which he is unlikely to recoup.

LegalforLandlords represented the landlord in gaining possession of his property.

The first hearing was adjourned following false allegations from the tenant, while the second hearing saw a possession order granted.

Mr Wright said: “The house has been left in a terrible state - I allowed her to rent the property because I felt a bit sorry for her.

"I knew that her rent was in arrears, but I didn’t realise how much money was outstanding. In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t waited too long to do something about it - I won’t be renting again after this, once the repairs are completed, I’ll be selling it.”

Sim Sekhon, managing director of Birchwood-based LegalforLandlords, said: “These images are shocking, but it’s unfortunately not unusual. This case really illustrates the importance of having a robust legal mechanism to protect landlords’ rights, and to reach a resolution in a timely manner.

"We regularly see cases where landlords have failed to act quickly enough when rent arrears start to mount, but it’s a huge red flag and may not be the only thing to be concerned about.

“It’s very sad that this has been the outcome, but I’m pleased that we have been able to help David to regain control of the property and begin to remedy the damage.”