AFTER one of its members was seriously injured, a golf club community came together to raise £5,000 for the team who nursed him back to health.

Marcus McKechnie, 24, from Locking Stumps, spent more than 14 weeks in Aintree Hospital recovering from a tragic accident but was determined to give something back to those who helped save his life.

With the help of Poulton Park Golf Club in Cinnamon Brow, family and friends organised a golf day to raise vital funds for the Critical Care ward where Marcus was treated.

There was also a big raffle and an auction of rugby shirts with generous donations from the people of Warrington.

Marcus' mum, Loretta, explained: "A golf day and evening event took place with the support of Alex Pritchard, the head professional, and Mike Hall, who is a long standing member, and many individuals at the club.

"There were 48 men who paid £10 a head to go in the fund for the Critical Care ward, then we had a curry night where all the food was donated and we charged £5 a head.

"Marcus appreciates how this club has supported him throughout his recovery.

"He joined this club as a young boy and took to the sport with many hours as a child growing up at this club where life-time friendships were formed and a love of the sport.

"Mike Hall was very involved in the junior section when Marcus was a kid- he has been at our side and Marcus' side ever since."

After his accident on June 21, Marcus has spent three-and-a-half weeks in the Critical Care ward at Aintree Hospital, followed by four weeks in the trauma ward and seven weeks in the rehabilitation centre.

He is still continuing his rehabilitation.

Loretta added: "I want to say how fantastic the golf club is and everyone in the NHS- I cannot fault them.

"The £5,000 raised was just what this club is about and if any person or child is thinking of taking up golf then this is the club.

"Marcus will continue his journey with their support."