MEMBERS of Parliament have called for an inquiry into working conditions at Amazon amid claims its employees are ‘breaking their bones and being knocked unconscious’.

Warrington South MP Faisal Rashid was among those who addressed the Commons as the Government was urged to intervene.

Backing calls for an ‘urgent’ inquiry into the online retail giant, Mr Rashid said: “This week, shocking reports emerged about dire workplace conditions at Amazon.

“These exploited workers desperately need a union, yet workers at Amazon have had their shift patterns interrupted just to prevent them talking to union officials on the way to work.

“When will this Government put an end to these draconian anti-union practices, and will the Secretary of State launch an investigation into reports of workers' rights being violated at Amazon?”

Shadow business, energy and industrial strategy minister Laura Pidcock said that workers at Amazon, which has a giant warehouse at Omega, were being treated ‘disgustingly’.

She added: “This is the situation for workers in Amazon – workers are breaking their bones, being knocked unconscious and being taken away in ambulances.

“Where is the urgency to step in and stop what is happening to these workers?

“Is the Government going to demand an urgent inquiry, or does it wash its hands of these workers?

“Because at the heart of the issue at Amazon is a hostile environment for trade unions, who are often the only force that can resist exploitative practices.”

“Why are the Government sitting on their hands while the richest man in the world treats his workers so disgustingly under their watch?”

Business, energy and industrial strategy minister Kelly Tolhurst claimed there were ‘sufficient laws in place’ to protect workers.

She replied: “The honourable lady makes allegations about a particular organisation, and she is quite welcome to write to me further about those particular allegations.

“There are sufficient laws in place in the workplace – we have the Health and Safety Executive, for example – and I would expect that, if the honourable lady does have evidence to certain employers breaking the law, that that is passed on to the relevant agencies.

“As I have outlined, our Prime Minister is committed to making sure we keep step with the European Union and we go further, and I believe the actions that this Government has taken over recent months has proved that.”

Amazon has refuted the claims made by Ms Pidcock and said it offered a 'safe, modern work environment'.

A spokesman said: "Amazon employees receive industry-leading pay and benefits as well as a safe, modern work environment.

"We benchmark against UK national data, published by the Health and Safety Executive, which confirms we have over 40% fewer injuries on average than other transportation and warehousing businesses in the UK.

"We encourage everyone to come and see for themselves what it's really like to work for Amazon by taking a tour of one of our fulfilment centres across the country."