AN army regiment can call Warrington home again after more than a decade away.

The 4th Battalion Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment has returned to Orford Barracks on O’Leary Street after an absence of 14 years.

A historic bond exists between the ‘Lions of England’ and the Peninsula Barracks, dating back to 1878 – when it was linked with the King’s Regiment.

Later, the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment was formed by an amalgamation of the King’s Regiment, the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment and the King’s Own Royal Border Regiment.

The regiment has had the freedom of Warrington since 2006, but left its headquarters in the town at the time of the merger in 2005.

But a new platoon added to the regiment will now be based at the Orford Barracks.

Deputy Mayor of Warrington Cllr Maureen Creaghan and her consort visited the Warrington Detatchment as they officially came home on Wednesday, October 16.

A spokesman said: “A (Ladysmith) Company is delighted to be able to retake its rightful place in the town after a long absence.

“The detachment will maintain a variety of roles, including light role infantry, combat medical technicians, combat HR specialists and chefs.

“Heading forward, 3 Platoon will be building up its numbers and continuing its golden thread within Warrington.”