A 12-YEAR-old with has been honoured with a British Citizen Youth Award for his work speaking publicly about having ADHD and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Marcus Wilton, from Chapelford, is a member of Warrington Youth Club (WYC) and speaks in schools and to professionals in support of the ADHD Foundation.

He has helped thousands of children across the country and professionals to understand what it is like to live with the condition as a young person.

Marcus was referred to the WYC Buddy Up programme in November 2014 by Samantha Barnett, who at the time worked at Barrow Hall Primary School and is now wellbeing leader at WYC.

This programme supports young people who may have trouble with social skills.

Sam saw potential in Marcus, though was concerned with his lack of social interaction and how he would channel his frustrations due to ASD and ADHD.

Nuvy Sibia, WYC Buddy Up co-ordinator said: "What struck me was his warmness, sense of humour and how personable he was, but that how much he would benefit from a Buddy.

"With the support of three different Buddies, Natasha, Sarah and Gareth, we have supported Marcus for almost three years so he could attend Junior Youth Club, our gym and Buddy Up trips.

"Marcus and his grandmother Jean have both been huge advocates of Buddy Up and since June 2017 when he began to present and speak publicly for the ADHD Foundation, we have also been very fortunate to share this leg of his journey too."