ONE of Warrington’s best-loved historical assets – the Walton Hall conservatory range – officially re-opened this week following a £2m restoration.

A special opening ceremony took place on Thursday including the people who have helped bring the magnificent conservatories back to life.

And members of the public can now get their first glimpse with the rest of the site ready to be reopened later this month.

The restoration is largely thanks to The National Lottery Heritage Fund in the North of England, the Friends of Walton Estate and former conservatories staff from the past 50 years, who have given their time for the creation of a new audio social history of the estate.

The conservatories had fallen into disrepair for almost 25 years after closing to the public in September 1993.

In 2016, the council was successful in securing £2m in funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, paving the way to the restoration of the conservatories, working with a team of heritage specialists.

After three years of partnership working with Rosslee Construction, the conservatories are shining once more and ready to re-take their proud place part of a vibrant Walton Hall estate.

Cllr Tony Higgins, Warrington Borough Council’s cabinet member for leisure and community, said: “The rejuvenation of the Walton Estate conservatories is a real success story for Warrington, and a fantastic example of how effective partnership work can protect, preserve and ultimately, bring new life to our most treasured historic assets.

“The project celebrates the heritage of the estate and will ensure lasting and sustainable benefits for local communities – creating opportunities for people to gain new skills and experiences, improve health and wellbeing, make social connections and contribute to a success story of rejuvenation, inclusiveness and innovation.

“Our glasshouses are about to shine once more as an iconic centrepiece for Walton Hall, as a high quality public venue for learning, development and volunteering - and as a historic treasure to be enjoyed for many years to come.”

Warrington Guardian: March 2019March 2019

The restoration of the conservatories is entirely in keeping with the original, containing thousands of pieces of slender, elegant timber.

During the renovation, each piece of this timber was removed and tagged before being assessed for rot.

This original timber was then used internally with new timber being used for the external beams.

The original ironwork has been repaired and reused throughout the conservatories, and with over 90% of the bricks dating back to 1899-1910 in excellent condition, this project has been true to its original construction; guaranteeing the significant heritage history of the site for future generations.

You can find out more about the Conservatory Range Project and the cultural heritage of Walton Hall estate at