FIREFIGHTERS are urging people to 'think before they park' after a crew in Cheshire were forced to run to a kitchen fire after parked cars blocked the road.

Three fire engines were sent to the scene at 11.45am yesterday, Wednesday, but firefighters had to run 70 metres after being obstructed by cars parked on the road.

Crews found a small fire after a pan had been loft on the hob. 

They removed the pan from the house and extinguished the fire with a hose reel jet before using a large fan to clear smoke from the house.

One person also needed medical attention before paramedics took over.

In total the crews spent almost an hour at the scene.

The incident happened in Wilmslow but has been shared as warning to all about the dangers of bad parking.

Warrington Guardian:

The fire started in a saucepan

In a tweet sent afterwards, Wilmslow Fire Station said: “Think before you park.

“Charlie Watch were unable to reach the scene of a house fire this morning due to badly-parked vehicles.

“Firefighters had to dismount and run 70 metres with hoses to the property. Luckily the fire was contained to a cooking pan.”