CLIMATE change protesters staged a ‘die in’ at the Parr Hall at the weekend.

Around 30 members of Warrington Extinction Rebellion gathered for the protest at the Museum of the Moon exhibition on Sunday evening.

The supporters lay down under the art installation and pretended to be dead for 11 minutes – the 11 years the United Nations has stated to tackle the issue of climate change need to be tackled by in order to prevent irreversible damage.

Warrington Guardian:

A spokesman said: “XR have carried out this sort of protest in many places before and it is really successful in getting our message out there.

“People are curious to find out what we are doing and why, but the message really hits home when you look at all these people just lying down as if they were dead and you consider all the animals and plant species which are dead or extinct or about to go extinct – which has been caused directly by human action affecting the climate.

“It’s a bit like going to a funeral.

Warrington Guardian:

“We want people to understand and think about what the United Nations are telling us on climate change – we can all take action and we need to, but governments across the world need to make appropriate policies.

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“We would like to thank the Parr Hall for their support and agreement to the protest being carried out on their premises at the exhibition, and also Sarah Dunwood for the photographs she took of the event.”