TRAVELLERS have unlawfully set up camp on land at Woolston Neighbourhood Hub.

A resident says around 14 caravans and associated vehicles were on the Hall Road site this morning, Tuesday, which resulted in space for parking being ‘severely restricted’.

Warrington Borough Council officers are monitoring the situation.

A spokesman said: “We are aware of the encampment at Woolston Neighbourhood Hub and the impact it is having on residents and customers attending the hub and Sensory Centre.

“The Cheshire and Warrington traveller team has visited the site and appropriate action is being taken.”

Hundreds of pieces of land have been assessed for the town’s future transit site for travellers but, so far, none have been deemed to be deliverable.

It was intended a shortlist would be finalised by January 2017 but the matter has faced major delays.

Around £2 million has been set aside in the Labour-run council’s capital budget for the facility, which Town Hall bosses believe will reduce the number of costly unlawful encampments.

It would allow officers to direct groups to the land.