POLICE have issued a warning after a surge in purse thefts from elderly shoppers.

Officers have reported a ‘recent increase in purse thefts’ in shops across Warrington in the past few weeks.

And Cheshire Police has issued a number of top tips to avoid falling victim.

A force spokesman said: “There has been a recent increase in purse thefts in shops in Warrington – the elderly in particular are being targeted.

“Please be aware of crowded places which are ideal for bag thieves – make sure handbags are hard to access.

“When stopping for refreshments or a break, don’t hang you bag on the back of the chair.

“Instead, put it on the floor in front of you and put a chair leg over the strap.

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“Ensure your bags are zipped up on your trolley – even when you are carrying your bag, place it with your zip closest to you.”