A BARONESS who has campaigned for victims’ rights since her husband was murdered 12 years ago in Warrington has joined the University of Bolton.

Baroness Helen Newlove has now been appointed Pro-Vice Chancellor of the university, a prestigious role to add to her growing list of achievements since she was thrust into the public eye.

In 2007, her husband Garry, 47, was beaten to death outside their home in Warrington by a gang of youths who had been drinking underage.

Three teenagers were convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in February 2008.

In 2010, Baroness Newlove took up her seat in the House of Lords as a Conservative.

She was then appointed Victims’ Commissioner of England and Wales in 2012, a role she held until May 31 this year.

Since stepping down Baroness Newlove has vowed to continue to fight against anti-social behaviour, campaign for more rights for the victims of crime and push for tougher sentences for those criminals who destroy other people’s lives.

She has also been appointed as a patron for the organisation Resolve and as part of her new role will help to raise awareness of anti-social behaviour and push for government action to protect victims and communities.

Baroness Newlove is proud to have been appointed to her new ambassadorial role in Bolton.

She said: "I am very honoured to have the title of Pro-Vice Chancellor of this university.

"It is lovely to have the opportunity to promote such a wonderful institution and engage with students, learn about their stories and make as many people as aware as possible about what a great place this is.

"Bolton has a lot to offer."