STRATEGIES are being developed to tackle the blight of pavement parking in Warrington – and motorists have been reminded they can be fined for it.

A nationwide ban could be introduced after MPs on the transport committee published a report recommending it.

It would give councils extra powers to penalise ‘anti-social parking behaviour’.

Former mayor Geoff Settle, chairman of Warrington Visually Impaired People (WVIP), said: “This can’t come a day too soon for our members and volunteer drivers.

“I believe that motorists in Warrington, like motorists in other towns, are treating disabled and visually impaired people as second-class citizens.

“As a grandparent pushing our grandson’s buggy and someone with osteoarthritic hips, I also have to avoid car wing mirrors and tree branches on the little pavement space that motorists leave.

“I often give up and walk in the road in order to get past these obstacles. This is what my members face daily.”

Mr Settle also outlined the serious problems facing a WVIP member in Warrington South.

The man – who has had counselling to help him come to terms with the ‘very worrying thought’ of ‘soon becoming totally blind’ – can’t leave his house when cars are parked opposite the side path.

He must use this path because it is straight unlike the main driveway exit, where he fell and broke his ankle because of the ‘twists and turns’ in the route and low wall.

Cllr Ryan Bate, the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Warrington South, urged the borough council to investigate the issue and any potential solutions as a matter of urgency.

The council confirmed it is aware of the resident’s difficulties and said it will be making contact with him shortly to obtain more information.

A spokesman added: “We are also aware of the ongoing discussions, nationally, around tackling obstructive parking on pavements.

“In Warrington, we continue to take a proactive approach to dealing with this issue. We respond to all reports and investigate each case.

“If cars are found to be parked in an irresponsible way, which is making the pavement inaccessible for disabled people and pushchairs, we will take appropriate action, working with the police.

“We are currently developing appropriate strategies, in partnership with the police, to deal with this complex issue.”

Inspector Neil Drum, from Warrington Local Policing Unit, also put forward his views on the issue.

And he took the opportunity to remind residents they could be issued with fines for parking on pavements.

He said: “While the local authority is responsible for the majority of parking-related issues, on occasions where a vehicle is causing a significant obstruction the police can assist.

“Parked vehicles should leave sufficient room on the pavement to enable a pushchair or wheelchair user to pass by safely without having to go onto the road.

“When we receive reports of obstructions caused by parked vehicles, we attend where possible and deal with the matter in the most appropriate manner.

“This may be via verbal or written advice to the driver, if they can be traced, or by issuing a fixed penalty notice.

“When necessary, we will have the vehicle removed at the expense of its owner.”

‘Significant or dangerous’ vehicle obstructions can be reported to Cheshire Constabulary by calling 101 or via