WHEN an antenatal and early parenthood charity was in need of help, a Woolston storage firm stepped in to save the day.

NCT North Cheshire was struggling to find a location to store essential equipment that is used to run its popular nearly new sales and baby groups, when Armadillo Storage in Woolston agreed to help.

Armadillo has previously supported a different branch of the charity, NCT North Cheshire Little Bundles, which unfortunately stopped running due to a lack of volunteers.

However, Armadillo Warrington kindly offered to continue supporting the NCT by donating storage for the charity’s equipment. North Cheshire NCT offers a range of services to new parents, including antenatal classes to help prepare parents for the birth of their babies and postnatal groups.

Gilly Liput, treasurer of North Cheshire NCT, said: "We are incredibly grateful to Armadillo Storage for continuing to offer storage to our charity.

"The branch is currently run by only a couple of volunteers and we were facing the problem of potentially having to dispose of equipment that we have used to run baby groups and nearly new sales due to lack of storage.

"As a branch, we are really keen to find new volunteers to help to revive the branch so we can continue to offer support to new parents. We would love to be able to run more groups to help parents meet other parents after the birth of their children and to run more of our popular nearly new sales but we just can’t do this without more volunteers.

"I started volunteering with the NCT after the birth of my first son and found it an invaluable way to meet other parents at what can be a challenging time. I’ve been involved with the charity for nearly 10 years now and would love to be able to continue our support for local parents.”

Kerrie Horan, charity representative for Armadillo Warrington, added: "Supporting local charities is really important to us at Armadillo Self Storage. NCT is a fantastic charity that supports parents in the area and as such, we are delighted to donate storage to support this growing charity.

"We wish them all the best and hope that by through our donation, they are able to expand and continue to be a pillar in the community.”

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about volunteering with the NCT can get in contact with the North Cheshire branch via their Facebook page www.facebook.com/NCTNorthCheshire.