THREE Warrington sisters who all fell pregnant at the same time have welcomed their babies into the world.

Rachel Eriksson from Penketh, Adele Malone, who now lives in Amsterdam and Carmel Peers from Bewsey, all found out they were pregnant last year and gave birth in May and July.

All three sisters, who went to St Gregory's Catholic High School, decided not to find out their baby's gender so they were all be surprised.

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Carmel Peers, is the youngest sister and a district nurse from Bewsey.

She welcomed Edward Daniel on July 29.

Adele, the middle sister, gave birth to Evelyn Rae on July 30 and eldest sister Rachel gave birth to Kieran Francis on May 30.

Warrington Guardian: Left, Kieran Francis, Edward Daniel and Evelyn RaeLeft, Kieran Francis, Edward Daniel and Evelyn Rae

Carmel said: "All babies arrived safe and sound. I was due after Adele but Edward arrived 12 days early.

"Adele came home from Amsterdam at Christmas and told us they were expecting a baby.

"At that point my husband and I had already had a scan and knew that I was also pregnant so we kept quiet and were very excited for Adele. Rachel had previously told the family she was pregnant back in October.

"We decided to tell my parents the following day and they were really shocked at the double announcement.

"On Boxing Day I decided to announce it to my sisters. I wrapped up three baby grows which all said 'Born in 2019' and got my mum to give them to my sisters as presents.

"They couldn't believe it when they opened them and then looked at each other, then looked at mine – it was brilliant.

"It may never happen again so we are all really excited and grateful to be able to share it with each other."

Warrington Guardian: The three sisters found out they were all pregnant at ChristmasThe three sisters found out they were all pregnant at Christmas

Rachel, the eldest sister, is a teacher in Orford.

This is Rachel's second child while Carmel and Adele both welcomed their first.

Carmel, 27, added: "Lots of people were surprised at the one-off chance all three of us being pregnant at the same time and we had some amazing reactions.

"Family get togethers won't be the same again, it will be chaos."