A LONGFORD man saved an elderly woman's life after she lay trapped in the Bahamas for four days.

Rob Anders, who attended William Beamont High School in Orford, works as a captain in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

The elderly woman was buried under rubble after category five Hurricane Dorian tore through the islands last week.

Rob Anders, aged 48, captained auxiliary ship RFA Mounts Bay and used a Google Maps reference sent by the woman's husband to rescue her.

Her husband had called the British crew who sailed to the area and then used co-ordinates and directions from the man to locate his wife with a Royal Navy Wildcat helicopter.

Warrington Guardian:

Serviceman in Bahamas

Captain Anders and his team also saved an American woman and her three children, including a seven-week-old baby suffering from sepsis.

After joining the Merchant Navy aged 18 on a youth training scheme, Rob advanced to become a captain in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

His dad David said he and Rob's mum are extremely proud parents.

Captain Anders said: “The wildcat has proven time and again its vital importance in support of our mission, be it the delivery of essential relief ashore, conducting reconnaissance or undertaking lifesaving search and rescue tasks.”