TWO and three bedroom homes and affordable housing should be the focus of new development in Lymm.

This is the conclusion of the Housing Needs Assessment undertaken by planning consultants AECOM.

They were commissioned to carry out a report for te Lymm Neighbourhood Plan in a scheme funded by the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government.

Homes with four or more bedrooms are excluded from the recommended mix because they are already relatively well supplied in the village. However, the assessment cautions that to prevent the delivery of such homes altogether would not be practical, or help facilitate a balanced community.

Bungalows or other forms of age appropriate housing are also needed in order to meet the needs of the aging population. An unmet demand for generally more affordable homes such as terraced houses has been identified and should also be addressed.

AECOM forecasts that the affordable housing needs of the community amount to 102 homes over the period to 2037.

Melanie Dwyer, chair of the housing sub-group of the Lymm Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, said: “Residents have concerns regarding affordability.

“The provision of a greater number of smaller homes for affordable rent and shared ownership will enable better opportunities and more options for people to access the housing market within Lymm” said

Jonathan Foreman, chairman of the working group, said “It is important that the Lymm Neighbourhood Plan is based upon accurate and up to date information. Preparing planning policies which reflect AECOM’s recommendations will ensure the plan addresses local housing priorities.”

The first report to be published was a Heritage and Character Assessment. The assessment reports on how the National Planning Policy Framework should be interpreted in the context of Lymm, helping to ensure future development does not damage Lymm’s Heritage and Character.

The housing needs assessment develops the evidence base further by assessing the mix of types and sizes of dwellings required. It also identifies the affordable housing and other market tenures that are appropriate to meet local needs.

Both reports are available to download on the Lymm Neighbourhood Plan website