A NINE-year-old girl is cycling hundreds of miles in a bid to raise money for charity.

Evie Baldwin, from Fearnhead, made a New Year’s resolution to drum up as much funds for good causes as she could during 2019.

Her efforts have so far including a charity tea party and sponsored runs, raising more than £1,000 to date.

The Locking Stumps Community Primary School pupil’s latest fundraising effort is to cycle 300 miles in stages throughout September for Cancer Research UK – only months after learning to ride a bike.

Mum Rebecca said: "Evie has really taken to her fundraising – she's raised well over £1,000 so far.

"She learned to ride her bike back in July after trying for a number of years, so we decided to do the bike ride.

"We're doing it as a family – she's riding to school on her bike and doing rides on the weekends at places like Pennington Flash and Delamere Forest.

"This is one of Cancer Research UK's schemes where they're asking people to cycle 300 miles, and all the proceeds will go to them for this fundraiser."

Evie is hoping to raise another £300 with her latest fundraiser, having previously helped charities including Mencap and Francis House Children’s Hospital.

Rebecca added: "Evie does love doing it and her school have backed her as well.

"She has a couple more events planned, including a wall climb and a drive at school to collect pyjamas to donate children in need.

"We have a very supportive family, and every time she has got her pot out to collect money they have been there putting in."

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