A DJ trio are out to prove what young people are capable of after launching a regular club night for under-18s in Lymm.

Morgan Fairhurst teamed up with his cousin Fred Fairhurst and friend Max Allardyce to run what was supposed to be a one-off event at Lymm Youth and Community Centre in spring.

But it was so popular that they are now going to host a series of club nights at the Bridgewater Street venue under the banner, Stimulation.

The trio have also been given support from Lymm Parish Council and the police for the venture which they hope will change the reputation of young people in the village.

Morgan, a former Lymm High School student, said: "We saw a lot of stuff on Facebook about people complaining about the number of kids who were just hanging about by The Cross and causing trouble.

"We were DJing at this point and so we came up with this idea to throw our own events and see if people would be interested in coming to give them something to do. The first night was a big success and it took off from there. We sold more than 100 tickets."

Max reckons teenagers are often being misjudged.

The 19-year-old said: "It’s not everyone causing the problems. It’s a small group of people and then we all get tarred with the same brush."

Morgan added: "It’s frustrating. When Max and I were that age people complained about you going to The Cross or hanging out in Grundy Park but we didn’t actually have anything else to do.

Warrington Guardian:

"It’s very difficult because say I wanted to bring all my friends around to my house my mum and dad might not be happy about that because they’ve been working all week and want to relax."

Fred, aged 15, said: "Sometimes I’ve been stuck here at weekends on my PS4. So I do see why young people go out but they have nowhere to go. This is something for them to do on a Friday or Saturday night and that’s a great thing."

That is what Morgan, Fred and Max – who work under the name Front Row Events – pitched to the parish council which helped with the start-up costs alongside funds gained from crowdfunding.

Morgan said: "The first night was nerve-wracking to say the least. What we didn’t want to happen was for it to be a complete flop and then for us not to be able to do it again.

"As it got closer, we felt like we had a lot of responsibility as we made promises to the council and to the police that we could help with this problem."

The next Stimulation night is on Saturday, September 21, and a Halloween celebration is already being planned for Saturday, October 26.

Meanwhile, the entrepreneurial trio have also had some high profile DJ opportunities at the likes of Jamie Oliver's Big Feastival and at Christmas they will have a residency at a pop-up bar in Spinningfields.

Max added: "We’re starting small but we want to get into putting big events and festivals on."

They are also appealing for more DJs and artists to join them at Stimulation.

Morgan said: "We don’t want people to see it as a youth club. It may be an under 18s event but we completely transform the venue into a night club with a tropical theme.

"The event isn’t just about who shows up, it’s about the artists as well because we want to showcase talent.

"We’re completely open to anyone who wants to perform at Stimulation or any of our events we run. We’d love people to be inspired by our events.

"It could be a band, a DJ, anyone. They just need to have a passion for music and fit in with what we’re doing.

"We want to keep it fresh. We want new people in and new faces rather than the same line-up every time."