WARRINGTON Borough Council has served an enforcement notice requiring a developer to remove or reduce the height of an ‘eyesore’ fence.

Serious concerns have been raised since Satnam erected the structure, on Birch Avenue, which prevented residents from parking on land used for that purpose for more than 30 years.

An appeal against the council’s decision to refuse the firm’s plans for 1,200 homes on nearby Peel Hall was dismissed in December.

And the retrospective application for the fence was turned down by the development management committee last month.

It was rejected on the grounds of residential and visual amenity.

The council has provided an update on the situation.

A spokesman said: “Development management committee resolved to refuse the planning application for the retention of a wooden post and rail fence at Birch Avenue on August 14 because its appearance and prominent location would have a detrimental impact on the appearance of the area and on residents.

“A formal decision notice was then issued.

“The council has since progressed with enforcement action.

“An enforcement notice was served on August 20 and requires the land owner to remedy the issue by either removing the fence in its entirety or reducing the height of the fencing to no more than one metre, which would not need planning permission, in accordance with planning law.

“In accordance with national procedures, the landowner is now allowed a period of time to undertake these works.

“If no action is taken by the landowner, the council can then progress with action.”

Satnam says it is currently considering its 'next steps' but did not wish to comment further.