A PARENT has complained after his daughter found ‘hippy crack’ canisters on their way to school.

They were walking through Sankey Valley Park to Westbrook Old Hall School on Friday when the 10-year-old asked her dad what the leftover canisters were on Lodge Lane car park.

The dad, who did not want to be named, is concerned the area is becoming a hotspot for drug use despite it being a popular area for children to play.

Describing the moment, he said: “She saw them and was asking ‘what are they, dad’?

“I said ‘I think they must be batteries’, but I know what they were.”

The metal canisters contain nitrous oxide and are commonly sold to be used in whipped cream machines, but they are known to be used for their psychoactive effects.

Inhaling the gas slows down brain and body responses to relax the user, but a law in 2016 made them illegal to supply for this purpose in the UK.

The parent also complained about other drugs being consumed on the park between Bewsey with Callands.

“When you walk through there, you can smell all kinds of dodgy stuff and it’s becoming a hotspot now,” he added.

“There’s lots of kids that play in there, so it’s not good, because they shouldn’t have to be smelling that sort of stuff.

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“If people want to do drugs then they need to take their paraphernalia home with them not just dump them in the car park.”