WARRINGTON has seen a remarkable amount of change in the past decade.

Features of the skyline for the past 100 years such as Warrington Baths and Wilderspool Stadium have been demolished.

While new health centres, colleges, leisure centre and business parks have been built.

So we decided to take a look at some of the changes in the borough in the past decade with the help of Google images.

The old image is on the left and the new on the right as you swipe.

Below is the old Warrington Baths, which has been replaced by the new NHS Bath Street Medical Centre

This is the old Wilderspool Stadium site, which has since been demolished. Work is set to begin on a new housing estate on the land

Orford Park has seen some of the biggest changes. The Alder Lane flats have been completely revamped while the Orford Jubilee Hub was opened in 2012

The former Fiat factory was still standing 10 years ago. Now it is home to an expanded Junction Nine Retail Park with Iceland, Subway and Mothercare among others

This is Winwick Street. The car park remains but with the addition of Warrington UTC college and The Base business hub

Check out the how the old Market car park has changed over the past decade