THE train stations in Warrington with the highest levels of crime have been revealed.

According to British Transport Police statistics, Warrington Central had the biggest number of offences reported of all the town's six stations.

But when compared to the number of passengers who use each station, Glazebrook came out on top.

Warrington Guardian:

Glazebrook Station had 8.27 crimes reported per 100,000 passengers during the year

In total, 20 crimes were reported at Warrington Central over the course of the year – with its 900,894 passengers per year meaning that the station had 2.22 crimes per 100,000 passengers.

Eight incidents at the Winwick Street station were reported to police in March alone.

Birchwood had the next highest number of crimes, with 18.

Warrington Guardian:

With the station boasting 335,225 passengers per year, it had 5.37 crimes for every 100,000 users.

Warrington Bank Quay had 13 incidents during 2018/19, a total of 2.34 crimes per 100,000 passengers – with 555,200 commuters using the station annually.

Padgate and Sankey for Penketh each had only one crime reported during the year, coming in June and April respectively.

Warrington Guardian:

Only one crime was reported at Padgate Station

The former's 61,116 annual passengers meant that it had 1.61 crimes per 100,000.

Sankey for Penketh's 72,434 passengers meant that it was the safest railway station in Warrington – with 1.38 incidents reported per 100,000 users.

Warrington Guardian:

Sankey for Penketh

Despite Glazebrook having had only two police incidents, its 24,190 passengers meant that it has the highest level of crime at any of the six stations – 8.27 crimes per 100,000 passengers.

A British Transport Police spokesman said: “Crime statistics are not always accurate indicators of risk.

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“Police activity to target particular offences, changes in reporting problems and other factors can affect reported crime figures.

“The figures are close to real time data so may be corrected over time.

“For instance, a reported crime may turn out after investigation not to be a crime or a crime may be reported and recorded some time after the event.

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Bank Quay

“Hundreds of millions of passenger journeys are made safely each year and the statistics should be viewed in that context.

“Long term trends are usually a better indication of the true picture.”

1. Glazebrook – two crimes (8.27 crimes per 100,000 passengers)

2. Birchwood – 18 crimes (5.37 crimes per 100,000 passengers)

3. Warrington Bank Quay – 13 crimes (2.34 crimes per 100,000 passengers)

4. Warrington Central – 20 crimes (2.22 crimes per 100,000 passengers)

5. Padgate – one crime (1.61 crimes per 100,000 passengers)

6. Sankey for Penketh – one crime (1.38 crimes per 100,000 passengers)