IT is 45 years since Mike Boden covered his first Wembley final for the Warrington Guardian.

And he has never had a picture as good as the one he got on Saturday.

Mike, 68, covered Warrington's 1974 win over Featherstone Rovers at the national stadium.

Warrington Guardian:

Mike, right, at Wembley in 1974

He has been back seven times since to the Challenge Cup final and was enjoyed watching the minutes tick down towards the end of the game.

"You watch the game through your lens so it is sometimes hard to say you have enjoyed it," he said.

"But I did enjoy Saturday.

"As Clark scored, I knew he was close to me but where I was at, he started to come right at me with Philbin and Currie.

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

"Soon he was joined by the rest of the players, like Hill and Goodwin, and they were on top of me, jumping with joy.

"I took many pictures as I could but eventually I had to put my camera away.

"But I knew I had some good ones in there already. It was a great celebration as you knew the game was won.

"I cover Warrington Wolves home and away and have done for many years but I can't ever remember being in such a good position at such a vital moment."

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

Mike then went into the changing rooms after the game to capture the celebrations while he was also on the open top bus  on Monday during the homecoming celebrations.

"It was like 2009, it really was," he said.

"I had a look and I have taken more than 1,800 pictures this weekend from the team leaving on Thursday, to the Wembley walkabout on Friday, the game on Saturday and the homecoming on Monday.

"Now for Salford away on Thursday!"

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Warrington Guardian:

Dave Gillespie took this picture with Mike, in black cap, having put his camera down

The picture of Clark celebrating with Currie, Hill and Philbin seemed to capture the moment so well that editor Hayley Smith decided to use it as a wrap across the front and back page of this week's Warrington Guardian, out today.

Warrington Guardian:  

The souvenir edition of the Guardian also includes a 16-page pull-out as well as bumber coverage in news and sport.

"This was an iconic image for an iconic moment and it was the obvious choice for our front and back page", said Hayley.