A BODYBUILDER from Warrington is set to take on the world after lifting a European crown.

Rebecca Roberts from Orford won the title of Europe’s Strongest Woman at the competition held in Rotherham on August 4, thereby securing a place to compete at the upcoming World’s Strongest Woman competition.

She said: “I felt elated, mainly because it meant that I secured my invitation to World's Strongest Woman. It was also great because last year I came second so to come back and take the title felt extra good.”

The World’s Strongest Woman competition will be held in the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida, between November 1 and 3.

Rebecca said: “I’m nervous because it’s my biggest challenge yet but I'm also excited because of that too. It's my chance to smash it on a global scale and I’m ready.”

The body-builder, who has been involved in the sport for more than three years, trains with her boyfriend Paul Savage. Paul, who has 15 years experience in the sport, is her biggest support and programmes all of her training regimes.

She said: “The training involves a lot of dedication and perseverance. During the preparation for this [competition] I was in the gym for up to eight hours a day sometimes and did that a few times a week - like working a full-time job (on-top of my full-time job!).

Warrington Guardian:

“My nutrition needs to be on point to ensure I have the energy to train for these long periods and I follow a ‘vertical diet’ which consists mainly of red meat and rice.”

She continued: “During my preparation for World’s Strongest Woman, I am working with Spa Naturel Haydock to have my extra rest and recovery sessions so I am more energised for my training.”

Although Rebecca is currently working full-time in an office dealing with email correspondence, alongside her strength training, she hopes to turn body-building into a career at some point in the near future. She and her coach/partner, Paul, are hoping to set up their own gym and perhaps even move over to the States, where there is a lot more prize money to be won.

Warrington Guardian:

Rebecca’s family are especially proud of her for achieving all that she has despite ‘not being dealt the best cards in life’. Her mum died and her dad was diagnosed with dementia both while she was young.

She continued: “Finding this sport has saved my life, it has given me a purpose and a strength both physically and mentally to be me, and I have never been happier.”

Rebecca has travelled to schools to speak to children about the importance of being positive, setting big goals and working hard to achieve them. She is also an advocate for self-acceptance, anti-bullying and body acceptance.

You can follow Rebecca’s journey on her Instagram: @rebeccarobertsstrongwoman and support her trip to America for the competition on her Go Fund Me page, entitled ‘Get Becca To Worlds Strongest Woman!’.