A HOUSING group has apologised after it took around three months to clear a ‘horrendous’ amount of rubbish dumped outside a resident’s home.

Simon Charlesworth, 32, raised serious concerns over the waste outside his property in Padgate, on Vulcan Close.

Mr Charlesworth – who has two children, aged three and nine – moved into the site in February 2017 but has frequently faced this issue as his home is ‘quite tucked away and secluded’.

The latest incident has now been resolved, although it took around three months to clear the rubbish, with the resident claiming housing group Torus and Warrington Borough Council (WBC) were disputing who owned the land in question.

“We came out one morning and there was a horrendous amount of rubbish,” he said.

“It has been a nightmare because we have got to keep the kids from going out in the morning, we did not know what would be in there.

“It has already started again. People are dumping general household stuff and rubbish.

“When we reported it, we did tell them that the rubbish contained bin bags with letters in, but they weren’t interested.

“It happens so much here, the council don’t care.”

Following discussions with the council, Torus has issued a statement on the matter.

It says the situation was not resolved ‘as quickly as usual’ because there was a question over the land ownership.

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On Friday, a spokesman added: “The appearance of our estates and neighbourhoods is very important to us and our estate caretakers spend a considerable amount of time responding to instances of fly-tipping.

“However, we can only react to complaints of this nature if we are aware of them.

“Fly-tipping should always be reported to WBC. The council then identifies and notifies the land owner.

“If it’s council-owned land, they remove it. If it’s a different landowner, it’s their responsibility to remove it.

“We apologise for this but would like to assure Mr Charlesworth that an inspection of Vulcan Close earlier this week revealed that the area in question is still clear.”