HOTELS are charging Neighbourhood Weekender revellers more than £600 to stay in Warrington for the night.

The Warrington Guardian has examined prices for two people to stay in one room on May 23 2020, the Saturday night of next year’s music festival in Victoria Park, at chain hotels across the town.

And some establishments have hugely increased their prices when compared to the weekend before – with one hotel bumping up the cost of a night’s stay by nearly six times.

Priciest on the list is the Village Hotel, which is charging a staggering £609 – compared to a rate of £59 the previous weekend.

Warrington Guardian:

The Village Hotel

This is costlier than if you were to stay at the Centre Park hotel – one of the closest lodgings to the festival site – for the entire previous week, which would set you back £511 for a break in Warrington from May 11 to 18.

Warrington Guardian:

Above, prices for the Village Hotel on the Saturday of Neighbourhood Weekender, and, below, costs for the rest of the month

Warrington Guardian:

Other hotels also appear to have increased their prices for the festival, albeit by not as much.

The Park Royal Hotel’s rates have increased to £138.16 for the night from £74.80 the previous weekend, while the Travelodge Warrington – on Kendrick Street in the town centre – is up to £119 from £40.

A night in the Pentahotel Warrington, on Birchwood Park, is £81 compared to £54 the Saturday beforehand.

And staying at the Travelodge Warrington Gemini will cost you £76, up from £38 on May 16.

Warrington Guardian:

Premier Inn’s hotels in Stretton, Woolston, Winwick, Winwick Quay and on Winwick Road all showed price hikes.

Only one hotel examined, the family resort at Gulliver’s World, did not increase its prices when compared a stay over at the theme park the previous weekend.

Three chain hotels – the Premier Inn Warrington Centre, on Centre Park, the Hallmark Hotel, formerly the Fir Grove, and the Daresbury Park Hotel – are already fully booked up on May 23 2020.

The Village Hotel has not responded to a request for comment from the Warrington Guardian.

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Warrington Guardian:

This is how much each hotel in Warrington is charging for two adults to stay in one room on Saturday, May 23 2020 – when the Neighbourhood Weekender comes to town.

The price in brackets indicates how much it would cost to stay at the same hotels on the Saturday before the festival takes place, May 16 2020:

  • Village Hotel – £609 (£59)
  • Park Royal Hotel – £138.16 (£74.80)
  • Travelodge Warrington – £119 (£40)
  • Pentahotel, Birchwood Park – £81 (£54)
  • Travelodge Warrington Gemini – £76 (£38)
  • Gulliver’s Hotel – £75 (£75)
  • Premier Inn Warrington Central North, Winwick Road – £68.50 (£35)
  • Premier Inn Warrington North East, Winwick – £65 (£49.50)
  • Premier Inn Warrington M6, Woolston – £65 (£49.50)
  • Premier Inn Warrington, Winwick Quay – £54 (£35)
  • Premier Inn Warrington South, Stretton – £52 (£38)
  • Premier Inn Warrington Centre, Centre Park – Fully booked
  • Hallmark Hotel, formerly the Fir Grove – Fully booked
  • Daresbury Park Hotel – Fully booked