WARRINGTON CCG has announced it is meeting with Culcheth Medical Centre 'as a matter of urgency' after they asked a patient to leave due to a social media post.

The Warrington Guardian revealed yesterday, Wednesday how the 25-year-old woman received a letter from staff stating they 'monitored' social media and 'noticed' her post in a community Facebook group.

The patient had shared a recent CQC article about the practice by the Warrington Guardian.

People to took to social media to express their shock at the letter with one junior doctor claiming that she would be 'on the lookout for a new practice' if she received a letter like that.

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Age UK's senior health and care policy lead, Tom Gentry, described the letter as 'outrageous'.

A spokesperson for Warrington CCG said: "We have raised this issue as a matter of urgency with the practice.

"We are meeting with the practice to discuss the issue and the rationale for sending the letter as this was not something that we would expect to be sent to patients in such situations.

"Should any issues be identified in the practice's handling of patient registrations or patient complaints the CCG will ensure that appropriate action is taken.

"The CCG has not received any complaints in relation to this issue and should the patient wish to make a complaint then they can do so by contacting the CCG.

"Upon receipt of a complaint we will ensure that this is investigated fully and that any issues identified are resolved."

Warrington Guardian:

The patient said: "I was a bit dumbfounded, I honestly didn't expect that to happen.

"I opened the letter a bit confused.

"I struggle to read as I am severely dyslexic and had my dad read it back to me when he got in.

"We've all put things on social media we probably shouldn't but, surely I have a right to share something about that whether that be good or bad.

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"I was shocked that they can't seem to sort their issues out from the inside that when something like this happens, they ban you from their practice without even a warning.

"I would like to know how many people have been banned from the practice for similar things?

"Are we not allowed an opinion? Do we live in a dictatorship where you're banned for sharing a factual post? This is Warrington not North Korea."