Spent the day at the LA Lakers, who have just been named in the 10 most valuable sports franchises in the world.

Then had a day at the offices of the LA Rams and Chargers for a sports marketing huddle.

The big thing I learned was how protective they are over the brand equity.

IN terms of partnerships or advertising, they would take a drop in revenue to be aligned with a blue chip company.

Long term that partner is used as a vehicle to raise the profile of the sport.

If you can get a blue chip brand that filters down, that is their approach.

It is a competitive environment, you have got to be the best.

Also in America, the players are aware of their commercial value. That is not the case here. They give away their image for nothing.

We will be raising the bar again. The Wire Flyer will be back but there will be plenty more.

We are the most talked about Super League club, to the point where South Sydny came to ourselves to look at an international partnership.

The standards are so high.

Also the standards in the NBA are so high off the pitch.

They understand they are a sports entertainment brand. That is not the same at present with all Super League clubs.

I watch a lot of American sports and I think we as a sport should be looking to NBA. It has a similar cool vibe.

If we want to be more successful we need to raise the bar.