OVER the past few weeks in Yester Years, we have been sharing various stories of life working at Richmond’s.

The Latchford firm was one of the biggest in the town making cookers.

This week Ivy Lowe, who will be 92 next month, sent in this great picture of her in a red dress on the day she retired.

She worked at Richmonds for more than 20 years and retired 33 years ago.

If you recognise anyone in the picture, email us via newsdesk@guardiangrp.co.uk.

Meanwhile Jean Wrench got in touch with her memories.

Both here father and mother worked at Richmonds for many years and she remembers a Richmond’s magazine.

It was published quarterly and James Connor, from Latchford village, took the photos both of inside Richmond’s as the people worked and at social event.

She guesses that the photo sent in by Annie Crank was typical of the photos he would capture. Warrington Library has a lot of his old pictures.