A CHARITY runner who is tackling a 5k run every day for a year has completed more than 100 days of his challenge.

Chris Lee, 37, from Birchwood decided to embark on a 365-day task for Cancer Research UK after his mum died from cancer.

He described his mum, Karen Lee, as a popular figure in the community so he wanted to do something positive in her memory.

Chris explained: "This is raising money to stop cancer rather than treat it- you've got to chuck some money to the people who are researching what causes it."

So far Chris has seen the wider community come out to show their support, especially on the day of his 100th run.

He said: "Lots turned up, at least double the amount who turned up the time before, probably just under 100 people.

"We raised £140 on the night. Everyone's really getting behind it."

So far, more than £2,000 has been donated thanks to Chris' efforts but he aims to raise £10,000 by the time he completes his runs in April.

Despite feeling sore from having no rest days, Chris says the process has become easier and is now part of his daily routine.

His goal is to organise a group run on the 365th day of the fundraising challenge to get the Warrington community involved with his efforts.

An Instagram account documenting Chris' journey can be found by searching for chris82lee.

To donate to Cancer Research UK, visit Chris'

fundraising page.