A HUGE pile of waste dumped in a backstreet in Orford is attracting rats, residents say.

Around a dozen bin bags filled with rubbish and an oven have been fly-tipped to the rear of Orford Lane.

And the waste has been there for weeks without being cleared.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, told the Warrington Guardian: “The council are aware of this and it still remains.

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“Apparently it’s being investigated.

“Unfortunately, it has grown – it now has a double oven, it stinks and I have just seen a rat.

“I bet if it was outside a councillors house it would be moved immediately.

“This has been here for at least six weeks – it’s just a drop in the ocean round here.”

But Warrington Borough Council said the waste was ‘not its responsibility’ due to the land being privately owned.

A council spokesman said: “This land is privately-owned, and it is therefore the responsibility of the landowner to clear the rubbish.

“The landowner has been notified.”