A DAY centre which provides a lifeline to elderly residents in Stockton Heath could be closed.

The owners of the Sandy Lane Day Centre is considering the future of the unit after 17 years of serving elderly and disabled people, combating loneliness and providing respite for exhausted carers.

Service user, Thomas Taylor, 84, said: "When I was told my day centre was closing down I couldn't help it- I just cried.

"Since my wife of 61 years had to go into a home, I found life very hard coping on my own.

"I miss her so much and have been very lonely.

"My kids encouraged me to try out Sandy Lane day centre, even though I didn't think it would help, but, it has become my refuge and like a home to me.

"I just can't face going anywhere else. I feel safe at Sandy Lane, it's not far from my house and in the village I have lived in for 53 years."

Catalyst Choices have stated that their service users will be offered places at Woolston Hall, but for some, the journey there is unthinkable.

Stockton Heath resident, Paul Heyes, 71, is concerned that his epileptic wife Pat will not settle well in a new environment.

He explained: "Pat is not readily adaptable and this situation is a great cause of concern for my wife who finds great difficulty managing in larger groups.

"The stress this creates has, in the past, caused long periods of confusion and induced epileptic incidents."

A Catalyst Choices spokesperson said: “The falling number of service users attending the day centre has led to a recent review. It is not simply about financial sustainability, but giving people the chance to meet with other service users, enabling them to join a broader group of older people, with more opportunities for socialising, so one of the solutions being investigated is the possibility of moving the sessions to an already established group at Woolston.

“We recognise that many people would prefer to stay local and we will now consult with service users, their families, carers and staff, and will work closely with the council to support service users during the consultation. During this time we have paused plans to move the service. Our priority is to communicate effectively and to ensure we achieve a suitable resolution for everyone involved.

“We are still committed to delivering an older people’s day offer in the south of Warrington in the future, via the remodelled Stockton Heath Library and we are working on developing this offer. Should the day service eventually move, transport will be provided for service users to that alternative venue.”