A FORMER mayor of Warrington has raised concerns over the safety of the paths in Latchford’s Victoria Park.

The park hosts a parkrun every Saturday, which is always well attended and sometimes exceeds 600 runners.

But Geoff Settle believes their safety is at risk with the number of potholes on the pathway, particularly on the first 80 metres from the start line.

“Around two years ago I asked the park manager to repair the surface, but the potholes have reappeared due to bad weather, cars and people enjoying the park,” he said.

“Perhaps I am being over cautious, but I had a heavy fall in the park the other day and can still feel the bruised shoulder and wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone else.

“If there is not enough money left in the park maintenance budget, perhaps some of the S106 money from developers can be used or a bid can be submitted for a grant.

“Another person fell over a pothole recently and received a few cuts and bruises, so repairing the surface would benefit so many people who use the park.”

In response, a spokesperson for Warrington Borough Council said: “Repairs to the gravel pathways within Victoria Park are undertaken on an annual basis.

"Arrangements are in place for a maintenance visit to take place during the summer period.”