THE family of an Orford man who died in Warrington Hospital have shared their anger and frustration at the treatment their dad received.

Walter Lee, was admitted to hospital in November after a fall at home, a shortness of breath and a urine infection.

Described by medical staff as having a 'complex medical history', Walter was 'very frail' and had a low immune system.

Because of this he suffered from frequent infections and was then treated for hospital acquired pneumonia.

On February 6, medical staff say the dad-of-three became 'very chesty' and was given oxygen therapy overnight.

The next day, his pneumonia worsened and Walter deteriorated 'very rapidly' and passed away just after 7.30pm.

Walter's son Craig spent all day with his dad on the Monday and told him he would be back on Thursday.

He arrived 45 minutes before his dad died, with no warning from the hospital.

Craig said: "If I hadn't, by chance, shown up at the hospital when I did, my dad would have died alone and none of us would have known.

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"When I got there he was lifeless, it was shocking to see.

"They told us they were too busy to ring a family member to tell us how much he had deteriorated over night.

"I had to ring around my family and tell them to get in quickly."

The hospital has apologised for its 'poor lack of communication' and says staff on the ward have been spoken to.

When Craig realised how sick his dad had become overnight, he asked the ward sister why his family had not been contacted.

He said: "She became angry and started to shout back at me in a very rude and confrontational manner – I was really shocked."

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Warrington Hospital

The nurse has since been spoken to by senior member of staff and was told to carry out a 'reflection activity'.

On the night of his death, Walter was slumped on his left hand side due to the short oxygen pipe making it impossible for him to receive oxygen and lie properly.

Doctors have since apologised that an extension to the tube was not considered and said this was due to 'an emergency situation at the time'.

In a letter sent to the Lee family, the hospital explained that the lead nurse has discussed the issue with the ward manager to ensure each patient is assessed on an individual basis and longer length tubes are utilised when required.

His son Craig has spoken out about the family's anger and need for more answers.

Craig said: "It is absolutely disgusting.

"We just do not want any other family to go through this too."

Moreover, Walter's dentures were placed in a pot by his bed the night before he died but these were misplaced and the hospital has admitted that it does not know what happened.

Professor Simon Constable, executive medical director at Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “We would like to reiterate our sincere condolences to the family of Mr Walter Lee.

“Mr Lee’s family expressed a number of concerns which we have investigated thoroughly and answered the questions raised to provide clarity and understanding.

“The Trust strives to maintain excellent levels of care at all times and the treatment and overall patient experience of all patients is important to us.

"Following the feedback from Mr Lee’s family we have put a number of measures in place as part of our learning.”